UFC Ultimate Sound

As an official licensed partner of UFC, we proudly launch UFC Ultimate Sound. Through music, we bring the energy and passion of UFC and mixed martial arts to life with an unrivaled music streaming service developed for commercial outlets such as sports bars, gyms and entertainment venues. Sign up for the music service and become a certified UFC Ultimate Sound music outlet.


Music streaming made easy

The UFC Ultimate Sound music streaming service comes with a music streamer and playlist subscription. The high-quality music streamer is developed by in-house Acoustix engineers to provide premium-quality music distribution. It will connect to any audio system and will start playing once connected to wifi. The music streamer’s built-in memory keeps it playing even if the internet connection gets interrupted.

Our professional playlists are created by our music team who understands the energy and passion of UFC. These customized playlists are available through the UFC Ultimate Sound subscription service.

Why choose us?

UFC playlists red.png
UFC playlists

Music inspired by the energy and passion of UFC and mixed martial arts

UFC plug and play light grey.png
Plug and play

Our high-quality hardware and software solutions and easy user interface give you a 100% reliable product

UFC highres files dark grey.png
High resolution files

Our playlists offer the best listening experience music can give

UFC frequent updates red.png
Frequent updates

Playlists are updated monthly to keep the atmosphere fresh for customers and staff


Inspire customers

Choose UFC Ultimate Sound for your gym and inspire customers to take training to the next level with UFC and MMA inspired playlists for pre-workout, workout and post-workout routines.


Attract sports fans

Choose UFC Ultimate Sound for your bar and let sports fans and guests celebrate important moments together. Our high energy playlists will make your bar a great place to hang out.


Become a certified UFC Ultimate Sound music outlet

By signing up to the music service you become a part of the UFC lifestyle. You will receive the UFC Ultimate Sound certificate, a premium plaque to be displayed in your venue. The certificate also comes in digital format for your online communication channels.

Purchase UFC Ultimate Sound music streamer and subscription today and enjoy the best sounds of UFC and MMA today. Sign up by sending an email to contact@acxmusic.com