Acoustix offers a wide range of high quality loud speakers, amplifiers and video monitors to fit any installation or space.​ Our partners create beautifully designed speakers, invisible built-in-wall speakers, corner and ceiling speakers and robust amplifiers with zero downtime. We help you customise the right set-up for your space.

Bang & Olufsen

High-end Danish consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products that truly stand out and sound incredible.

Bang & Olufsen Authorized Enterprise Retailer


Amina invisible loudspeakers provide a highly flexible solution that works with nearly any covering material used in the existing construction. Our speakers  deliver incredible room-filling sound throughout.


Videotree offers high quality video monitors and bespoke solutions in the form of mirror televisions, waterproof televisions and touchscreens.

Laud Media

Laud Media offers advanced system controls that are easy to operate. We customise sound solutions for your space and preferences. We also simplify digital signal processing and distribution solutions.

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