For your home

Moving into your new home is an exciting time. This is when you decide on the details to make this your dream home. Acoustix has extensive experience with smart homes, sound systems and screens. We customise package solutions at affordable prices to make your dreams a reality.

Get in touch for a chat, or book a demo to explore the opportunities for your home.

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A great sound system fills many needs. It compliments the morning routine listening to your favourite podcast, and brings life to the dinner party. Together with our renowned partners we offer a range of solutions, from small speakers to large, integrated sound systems.

Smart Home

With our smart home solutions you can take living to another level. Through stylish control panels and your phone, you can control lights, temperature and much more.


Whether you want a wall-mounted screen, one that's built into the wall, or even in a mirror we have a great solution for you. We give you the advice and help, to make sure that you get the right screen to match both your home and your budget. 


We make sure your installed system works perfectly at delivery. You can reach us by e-mail, phone or visit our showroom for any questions.