About us

We are your specialist in digital music streaming. The audio partner for customers who want to create a professional music atmosphere for their business.

We increase their competitiveness by utilising the commercial opportunities music represent. Our customers do not leave music to chance. They know how it can impact their business.

Our key capabilities

Music curation

We create music profiles and playlists customised for your business

Audio distribution

We deliver audio hardware technology with uncompromised sound quality


We deliver turnkey projects ready to play

Content creation

We develop cutting edge music and video content

Sound atmosphere

We optimise the placement of speakers and sound systems in any space


We give your team onsite training in how the sound system works

A word from our CEO

“Ever since I was a teenager building amplifiers, DJ-ing at the local club and driving my parents crazy with punk and rock’n roll, music is a button I can’t switch off. Later in life, I have learned that music enhances our memory. No wonder it is so important when connecting people to the world.

My passion for music is what inspired me to start Acoustix. A place where we connect music, people and business – creating opportunities for everyone involved.’’

Svein Arne Sørgård, CEO

ACX Music Group

Hansteens gate 2

0253 Oslo


(+47) 22 44 11 44


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